Top 5 Important Tips To Prepare For Your Wedding Gown Purchase

By Wedding Gown Specialist: Luella Chavez

All brides want the process of purchasing a gown to be one of their most memorable wedding experiences, but it’s true that choosing the perfect wedding gown for one of the most meaningful days of your life can also be quite be challenging. Here are some tips that will make finding your dream gown more organized, and therefore enjoyable.


1.     Make an Appointment

The store you shop at is more likely to be prepared and properly staffed if you have an appointment. In fact, more bridal stores provide a stylist to assist each bride during their shopping experience. Keep in mind, if you book your appointment on a weekend, the retailer will be busy and there is a good chance you will have to share your stylist with another bride or bridal party. Consider booking an appointment for a weekday!


2.     Maintain Realistic Expectations

If your budget is $300 or less, it may be very difficult to find a ballgownball gown with all the the Disney princess, bells and& whistles you’ve always imagined you’d have. Not to worry! You can find some very elegant gowns for that your budgeted price, but you may need to make some sacrifices.  Decide what your dress “Must-Haves” are, and you prepare to relinquish other detailed embellishments.


3.     Keep the Entourage in Check

A good stylist will help you find a dress that fits your personality and /event, and will  and fflatters your figure. As tempting as it may seem to get as much input as possible, everyone has a different opinion of what a wedding dress should look like. If you let mom, aunt, grandma, and BFF take over, they will pick out 2-3 dresses a piece for you to try on. Trying on too many dresses can be overwhelming for any bride. I compare it to g and I compare it to smelling too many perfumes at a perfume department store counter. After smelling so many fragrances they begin to ALL SMELL THE SAME.


4.     Sizing

If you don’t already know your dress size have your stylist measure you. . It’s free and nearly all credible bridal stores can do it for you. Bridal sizes runs smaller than street clothes. If you have chosen silhouettes that are more form fitting, the dress will need to fit the largest part of your body, thenand need to  be altered in the other areas. Not all retailers will provide bridal boutiques with have sample gowns in all sizes for a full size run in every style.[AS4]  To get a visual of you in your chosen gown, you may have to try on a larger size and have the dress clipped/clamped to your body. This is a fairly typical method used by bridal stores.


5.     Undergarments

Most shops will have bras and slips to use while trying on gowns. Remember, bridal shops are not lingerie stores. If you have specific needs you may want to bring a high quality strapless or bustier of your own. Typically, your stylist will help you in and out of your gowns. If you don’t anticipate using a petticoat and you’re the shy type, wear full coverage underwear or bring a shaper with you. ALWAYS WEAR NUDE OR WHITE UNDERGARMENTS.