Quick Cheese "Tortilla" Tacos (Keto Friendly!)

While on a diet like keto, you get creative with finding workarounds for some of your favorite meals. For those who don’t know, Ketogenic diets are low carb, low sugar, high fat meal plans.  For us, we try to keep our carb and sugar intake under 40g for the whole day. (Usually we do less!)  Our bodies use the high fat in our diet as our burning mechanism instead of carbs and sugar- creating a more sustainable weight loss and energy boost.  Personally, I love it and it’s the best health decision I’ve ever made.  Last night we had a craving for tacos, and we were able to have everything we would normally have… without the bread. 


Have you guys heard of cheese tortillas? Yep.  Cheese- just cheese- as your tortilla. See the photo above if you don't believe me.

It miraculously tastes like a mix between a hard and soft shell taco.  It’s the simplest fix to removing carbs from taco night! Check out my keto-taco night recipe below:



1 pound ground beef (or Zaycon Fresh turkey, but today we did beef for the fat!)

1 bag shredded Mexican cheese (no low or reduce-fat cheese!)

½ red bell pepper- sliced into long thin strips, then cut into half

½ green bell pepper-sliced into long thin strips, then cut into half

¼ small onion- minced

1 ¼ cup pico de gallo (no extra juice!)

½ jalepeno- finely minced

3 avocados

1-2 limes- juiced

fresh cilantro

taco seasoning packet (or DIY!)

seasonings to taste:

garlic powder

onion powder

cayenne pepper



ground pepper




-   Get out an oven sheet pan and cover with parchment paper

-   Sprinkle Mexican cheese in circles approx 4-5 inches in diameter, compact, approx 2 inches a part from each other (I can get about 6 on one tray)  

-   Set tray aside

-   Chop fresh cilantro, keep to the side for guacamole and garnish after tacos are finished

-  Mince jalapeño and set aside

-  Chop red and green bell peppers into long, thin slices, and then cut in half



-       Throw 3 avocados, salt, pepper, cumin, cayenne, jalapeño, cilantro and lime juice into a medium-size mixing bowl… mash!

-       Add onion/pico de gallo after avocado is mashed by “fold-in” technique with a spatula

-       Taste test… add extra seasonings if desired

-      Keep in fridge until ready to serve


DIRECTIONS FOR TACOS: (time approx 30 min)

-   Preheat oven for tortillas to 350 degrees

- Heat one small no-stick sauté pan with butter.  Once butter is 3/4 melted, place ALL bell peppers into pan and season with ground pepper, salt, cumin, galic powder, and onion powder

- Let cook on medium for 10-15 minutes, depending on personal preference of doneness. (I prefer slightly charred, so I cook at a slightly higher temperature for longer, and do not toss my peppers regularly)


-   Heat large non-stick sauté pan, place ground beef in pan on medium without seasoning- let cook- stirring occasionally until browned

-   Drain fat and return to stovetop

-   Add water/taco seasoning, bring to boil and then reduce to simmer for 12 minutes

-  When ground beef is simmering, place pre-made tray/parchment paper/cheese concoction into oven for 5-8 minutes, until cheese is thoroughly melted, like this:


-  Remove from oven and let sit for a few minutes, until the bubbling stops :)

-Once cool, transfer to paper towels to dry off excess grease

- Fold into taco, put ALL THE THINGS into your wonderful fake tortilla, and enjoy!


keto taco finished